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    When to quit your church job

    When should you quit your church job? How do you know when to go and when to stay? Great question. Too bad there’s not a great, pat answer. Carly Ayers writes about careers and when to leave your job. Here’s something she wrote recently that got my attention: Competitive envy is the most unproductive driver


    Are you a “Frustrating” leader?

    Do you frustrate your team? Perhaps your the pastor of a large church, or supervise a large team.  Do your team members find you frustrating? Or maybe your the pastor of a smaller church.  How does your board find working with you?  Is the relationship frustrating to them? My friend Brian Dodd recently posted a

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    Are 20% of Church Hires “Bad Hires”

    An interesting infographic just released from SmartRecruiters.  They take a look at hiring practices in businesses in 2014. An interesting stat:  20% of hires in US businesses are considered ‘bad hires’ (and each bad hire costs the business at least $25,000). I’m wondering what that percentage would be in the church? Judging from the idea

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