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    Are 20% of Church Hires “Bad Hires”

    An interesting infographic just released from SmartRecruiters.  They take a look at hiring practices in businesses in 2014. An interesting stat:  20% of hires in US businesses are considered ‘bad hires’ (and each bad hire costs the business at least $25,000). I’m wondering what that percentage would be in the church? Judging from the idea


    Is Your Church “Swifting” When it Comes to Staffing

    You’re familiar with singer Taylor Swift? Tim Spivey is Lead Pastor at New Vintage Church in San Diego.  He suggests that some churches are ‘swifting churches’. (Taylor Swift has kind of a track record of quick break-ups). Spivey says that many churches also have a track record of quick breakups… with staff turnover about every


    Should you ever hire someone who lies on their resume?

    The short answer: absolutely not. Here’s an example. It happened again last week. Manhattan basketball coach Steve Masiello got an offer to coach at South Florida.  But he didn’t get the job. The reason: he lied on his resume.  Masiello said that he graduated from Kentucky when, in fact, he never got a degree. So…

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